How to Remove Powered by Shopify on Your Store in 2024

Enhancing the professionalism of your Shopify store can be as simple as eliminating the default 'powered by Shopify' message in the footer.

Shopify offers a robust foundation for constructing your eCommerce business, but the standard footer text might lead to misunderstandings among certain visitors, particularly those with preconceived notions about Shopify.

Fortunately, deleting this 'powered by Shopify' text is incredibly straightforward, although it might not be immediately apparent to those new to managing a store.

To assist, we've crafted a detailed guide to help you remove this unnecessary footer text swiftly, in less than two minutes.

Ready? Let's begin!

How to Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ by Code

Certain Shopify themes provide an option to remove the 'Powered by Shopify' phrase simply by unticking a box in your theme customizer.

If your theme supports this, fantastic! If not, there's no cause for alarm. The alteration is quick and easy.

Here's the method:

Step 1: Access Your Theme's Source Code

Start by logging into your Shopify dashboard.

Look for the 'Sales Channels' section in the left sidebar, and click on 'Online Store'. This action will automatically bring up the 'Themes' section.

Locate your active theme (referred to as 'Dawn' in the example provided), click on the 'Actions' button, and then choose 'Edit Code' from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Find the Specific Code Segment

After accessing your theme's code:

1. In the left-side panel, search for and select the 'Sections' folder.

2. Scroll to locate the file named 'footer.liquid'.

3. Utilize the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + F' to activate the search feature.

4. Enter 'powered' in the search field to pinpoint the exact section of code that needs to be modified.

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